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Sigh no more my heart, weep no more my eye
Sing some more my crow and lay me down to sleep
Lonely in pain and alone if this night I die
Holding on to all the promises I swore to keep

I have been taught to live, and endure my pain
I have learned to embrace it and hold it within
One day it will consume me and drive me insane
One day I will lose, and my pain will win

I am Strangled by fate and drained by hope
And This everlasting night have drained my strength
every breath I take only tightens the rope
some nights can’t be measured by an earthly length

One day my pain will break shatter this cage of mine
One day it will enrage and it will set me free
That day I will stop saying I am alright and fine
That day I will confess, what they can clearly see

But dear lord of you I beg and ask
That then you would show some mercy on me
By taking what is yours within this flask
Dear lord only you i beg to answer my plea

And when I am no more make them sing and recite these words
This poor soul’s nightmares have finally slept
Acceptance he found not, so please accept him dear lord
he was good enough to be loved , never good enough to be kept

but if I was blessed and this night I survived
my hopes my dreams will also be revived
the sun is up and the birds are singing loud
flying high in the sky around the glowing clouds
the light will always come after the darkest hour
another chance is given and I will embrace it’s power

@FAT 2014

for some, nights feel like eternity and every night is a struggle whether it is a physical pain or a mental pain.

and when combined by loneliness it is even a greater everlasting fight in an everlasting night.

yet the light always come after the darkest hour so  never lose hope reach out and think “this too shall pass”.