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It is foolishness to show wisdom
In This wide global kingdom
A land full of fools
Led by puppets and tools

Wisdom is a blessing sometimes comes in disguise
And I see glimpse of hope for tomorrow’s sun rise
An ex-soldier and two comedians are taking a stand
In the face of this eclipse that has engulfed this land

A conspiracy theorist they called Jesse Ventura
And Russell brand is an addict with an atheist aura
Jon Stewart is branded, as a fraud and a stooge
Yet in their words of truth one shall find refuge

In that mansion of doom they call fox news
I see hatred and racism violence and abuse
They turn a murder around to be a justified kill
For their masters to stay in power, or for their books to sell

Bomb and let’s build an electric fence
And call occupation armies “forces of defense”
Let’s call immigrants aliens and Muslims savages
Let’s call those we killed collateral damages

And for the Native Americans we must confirm
That the “red skin” title is not a derogatory term
Do not tax the rich we might hurt their style
Instead let’s push the poor to walk an extra mile
Let’s stop feeding the poor for poverty is a sin
For our masters seek able women and men

Russell brand have said look at them from afar
You will be able to see what they truly are
Some terrorists hold rifles wear masks and turbans
Some sits behind fancy desks in front of fancy curtains

Fools will always be quick to refute, discredit and judge
And even when proven wrong they won’t yield and budge
False pride and arrogance runs deep in their blood
And when given some power they take the role os God

An old saying I live by so true and profound
Seek and accept wisdom, wherever it is found
Never discredit a man or use his flaws as excuses
God bestows his wisdom on whomever he chooses
©FAT 2014