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They are guided to a cage
While their masters cheer
Fueled by false pride and rage
Stripped of humanity and fear

They walk them around
And scream their names
Then they leave the ground
So they can prove their claims

Then a bell goes ding
Starting the shameful encounter
Blood starts to stain the ring
And the crowd cheers louder

Then one falls down
And the other claims his victory
Dancing around like a clown
For his masters to see

They call it mixed martial arts
And it is not an art at all
Disgusting in every parts
Merely a vicious brawl

 Animals don’t fight to entertain
And there is no honor in a cage
 False warriors with fake titles to gain
And a modified glamourous circus stage

Soon the rich will want more crowd and wealth
And soon will invade every home
They will make our kids fight to death
Just like the gladiators of Rome

A pessimist I might seem to be
And I will always speak my mind
Past lessons I chose to see
 About the cruelty of our kind
©FAT 2014


honestly i think people that enjoys UFC games of MMA  are sick or  lost touch with humanity i am really disgusted by the cruelty of such a thing they call a sport  and try to convince us that it is a sport and try to glorify it.just Google MMA bloody fights or pictures and judge for your self is its a sport or a sickening event.