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A century ago in a disgraceful act

They sat and signed the Belfour pact

They took us back to the dark ages, when

The lord of the land is a god to whatever within

Palestine was sold to the Zionist few

A terrorist radical group that don’t represent the Jew

By a dishonorable man, the filthiest of filth

He sold what was not his for fortune and wealth


Such a disgraceful act real men couldn’t endure

And for evil deeds, evil deeds sometime a cure

Those few brave men took things to the battlefield

To die in honor and never shamefully yield

From everywhere they marched for days and days

With boiling emerald sand and hunger in their ways

With nothing to fear but the almighty god

They swore for vengeance and blood for blood


The Zionists and the colonists thought they’d crumble and fall

But against all odds they reached Jerusalem’s wall

Then the devil’s advocates came to sing the song we know

We will give you everything back if you wait here and let them go

The peace emissaries defined and falsified some laws

And behind our backs they were arming our foes

And with all that help they couldn’t guarantee a win

Until they developed treacherous men within

Our backs were tattooed with treacherous stabs and bullet holes

May the lord for a thousand years torture and burn their souls

In weak souls treachery is never unique or begotten

And only for naive men treachery is forgiven and forgotten


They did split us in states and made us hate each other

The first sin on earth a brother against a brother

Don’t worry they said just look the other way

Why do you care what happens to them you are doing okay

Now for fifty years it is the same old lie the same old song

It is our land it is ours it is where we belong

161 nations condemn the daily butchery then cower

When the almighty United States uses its disgusting veto power


These leaders these days retires to their silky pillows

As if they never heard the cries of those orphans and widows

To be indifferent they were spoiled with authority and gold

Don’t be fooled by their act, they still do what they are told

And amongst these horses I can’t seem to find a mare or a stud

That yearns for the glory of the battlefield and the scent of blood

No hawks in this nest its only flocks of pigeons and doves

As their brethren being slaughtered they sing for peace love

They say just give it sometime diplomacy is an art

What a load of crap what a bag of fart

We will be under their mercy until we comprehend and endorse

That is what is taken be force is taken back by force

Africa is still a big colony and UK have caused this mess

South America is in poverty and Europe care less

Persia rejoices over our misery and Russia is far in distance

And USA guarantees the Zionists occupational forces existence

And every puppet that comes follows his predecessor

A veto I must use, I must know better

And it is funny that I don’t even have to hide

That I am arming and sleeping with both fighting sides

And these naive people have bought all his lies

After a speech or two they gave him a Nobel Prize

And the one that will follow will mimic the one before

Stop looking for a friend in that camp, just close that door


Humanity and honesty are everywhere on sale

A time where I can say evilness and cowardness prevail

To the Daily slaughter their media chooses to look away

The blood of the sacred and the blood of the damned in play

Children Dead body parts lays for days in the street

A crow picking this lady’s eye while a flock enjoys her feet

In a shelter across the street her family can watch the feast

And on top of another building they can see 3 snipers at least

With the scent of death and blood their shelter started to reek

And the burial of their beloved ones is the only thing they seek

Snipers patiently awaits for the thrill of the kill or a medal reward

And the fallen are screaming flee but they can never be heard

While Last night on TV they mourned this enemy soldier for hours

They lit candles near his grave and left behind some flowers

They called him a martyr that died fighting terror

How can they look upon themselves everyday in a mirror

He could have been one of those snipers camping that roof

That labeled and sentenced that woman without a single proof

Yet They called him a martyr that later died fighting terror

And those innocents he killed were only a minor judgment error

Dear lord almighty have mercy on the fallen souls

That fell to a treacherous bullet or their shelter walls

They say “He who has lost honor can lose nothing more”

So grant us a great flood and replace us with men of war

Dear lord, their crimes have plagued my prayers and pleads

In my dreams I only see pictures of our children bleeds

And as I said before , so much we can only endure

for evil deeds, evil deeds sometime a cure

Copyrights @FAT 2014