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In the most shocking tragic event of the year 2013 a man regardless of his race, nationality or religion was butchered in cold blood in broad daylight, an unjustified disgusting crazy act by two men again regardless of their race, religion or nationality.

I want to extend my deepest condolences to the family of the soldier and may god grant them patience in the face of this horrible shocking tragic event.

that being said I want to venture deeper into this topic and especially the crazy claim of the attackers that their belief is what drove them to commit such an act and they did that because of what happened and happening in Muslim countries thats under occupation of foreign forces, it is true that the drones strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan have left a lot of dead bodies of peaceful children, seniors, women and innocent men and it is also true that when a group of American soldiers raped a 16 years old Iraqi girl and locked her whole family in their house shot them and burned it to the ground and it is also true that there are countless innocent men locked up in Guantanamo bay being tortured on daily bases it is also true that UK and US forces protected the shi’a forces that committed a cleansing against sunnis in Iraq and it is also true that foreign forces have hired many and many mercenaries and protected them against law suits and gave them a free license to kill.

yet we all agreed except politicians ofcours that regardless of our religions nationalities or race that those were crimes against humanity and most of the time committed under a stressful environment or in a war zone or by kids that were recruited and shipped overseas hoping to secure free education or to be granted a green card or under the false impression that they are fighting for freedom and most of them graduated from the academy of video gaming multi shooting.

Now back to Islam and Muslims in foreign countries

1- In Islam you can’t attack a non combatant and if it is a combatant it must be in a war zone.

2- If you are living in a country you abide its law if you don’t like it LEAVE.

3- You can’t choose to declare war between u and your friend to be able to go out and kill whomever u choose, that counts as BETRAYAL to the country you are in which you should live and die by its law.

4-Even in a war zone when you kill a combatant you can’t mutilate or disrespect the body.

5-Ambush and war tactics is only used after declaring war to your enemy, declare means both sides knows they are fighting otherwise its betrayal and a cowardly crime.

with all that being said these disgusting shameful crimes made in the name of religion should be traced to its roots those two crazed men were nothing but tools it is those who stands behind them that should be tracked and punished those that stands in the shade plotting serving hidden agendas for personal gains or just to satisfy their love for chaos and mayhem.

now to those that chooses to demonize a whole race or religion because of such a deranged shameful act committed by individuals such as extremists,  EDL” English defence league ” and such I say what are you going to do ? Wage a street war against peaceful citizens? attack an innocent man in the street with machetes and knives, if you do we will all stand against you, your deeds won’t find anyone to sympathize with them no one to honor them no one to respect them just like we all see this attack as a disgusting shameful crazy betrayal of all human ethics and religious values, your deeds will be viewed the same way, you might have one million or 10 million sick extremists cheering for it but you will have a whole history looking at it in disgust.

In the end may god grant the soldier’s family the patience and punish the butchers with what they deserve.