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A title of an old video game yet it should be the title of the past 20 years o freedom how much we do in thy name.

As I always say the term freedom and yes not ‘’ word’ but term for no one can agree to what it means and even a 10 years old can debate its obligation and responsibilities and if he/she is lucky they might actually win the debate or end up in a stalemate .

The tragedy of 911 have passed 3000 human soul were taken that tragedy resulted in two more wars the war in Afghanistan which resulted in 50000 deaths and counting plus a foothold or a thorn in china and Russia’s back then the Iraq war which was in the name of freeing people, weapons of mass destruction and terrorism ties and resulted in 1.5 million deaths millions of currency in oil and armament contracts and handing the country on a golden plate to one of the most extreme country in the region ‘’ Iran ‘’ then the winds of the Arabian spring marched through the region swallowing Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria.

In Tunisia the revolution didn’t last long before taking control of the country and had a peaceful transition aside from few clashes same for Egypt yet took longer  and didn’t result in a huge number of human casualties , Libya which is a rich country of oil and natural gas that supplies the western camp regardless of all the bans enforced on Libya, when the revolution started major powers jumped in the name of freedom and fighting the evil power they were in bed with a year before that and it is really obvious that they jumped to split the cake regardless of the people and it shows more with Syria especially when we see the governing forces were committing a lot of crimes against humanity according to the un resulting in a toll death of plus 60000 deaths and still nobody is marching in Syria freeing the people because Syria is a poor country no natural resources and further more protected by other major powers.

To conclude you and I regardless of our race or religion we do have a price tag and my death might equal to the death of 1000 others in the eye of whom is in control or that my freedom is protected by what I can give or what I am sitting on or that my freedom and life doesn’t even worth the bullet that will take away my life again in the eyes of the people in control and having the power.

That’s exactly why generation grow up with hatred toward major powers a generation that saw nobody jumped to help them when they needed it the most thus they develop love toward groups that opposes major powers regardless of why and how might take advantage of that nourish it to make a ticking bomb with nothing to lose out of what could have been a productive member of a society.

This hypocrisy takes us way back to the age of fighting for or to secure resources yet in the past they were open about it now they just do it in the name of nobility, Mandela once answered when asked what is the difference between racists in America and in south Africa by saying ‘’ cant recall the exact words ‘’I respect the racists in my country because they say things to my face.