Fear is defined as a distressing negative sensation induced by a perceived threat. It’s importance arises from its end Result which is either to confront the threat or to flee and the goal of either in most cases is survival.

In addition Fear is the opposite of Safety or which is a basic need for a human being some sees it as the second need right after physical needs such as the need to eat sleep etc. while some argues that it comes before the physical needs unless under extreme conditions.

The reason why I am rambling about Fear is that throughout history Fear was the main tool that was utilized to enslave mankind. In a typical scenario it was usually Force to demonstrate the end result a reminder of the result every now and then and then fear is installed and force isn’t required anymore yet after world war II people in power have developed a unique strategy to install Fear either for personal gains and that’s for tyrants and dictators or for national gains, this whole new strategy have proven to be efficient in regards to result and economic in regards to resources, this new strategy was based on Fear of the unknown .

Fear of the unknown isn’t new to mankind it was derived from bad application of religions personal interpretations of religions, witchcraft, tales of super natural powers etc, yet in the latter examples there was a reward offered for ones that do and punishments for ones that don’t ofcours bad application of those examples are excluded so in most cases it was a reward Vs punishment case.

Yet in this new strategy the perceived threat is only an illusion starting from the cold war passing through fear of epidemic outbreaks caused by diseases such as the swine Flu and ending at terrorism and the worst part is the only reward for the subjects being enslaved is the exact opposite of fear which is safety or freedom from fear. And the latter is the main enslavement tool used by tyrants and dictators yet we will avoid the obvious cases of dictatorship and focus on the modern civilized democratic countries and the best example would be the United States of America and its previous administration led By former president G W Bush and his Team Excluding C. Powel whom I see is a victim like everybody else and I admire his courage to vote by feet and leave after the first term. In few simple words the whole planet was in chaos the only people that have benefited were either in the Oil business or gold and I am sure it isn’t by chance that the whole gorge W Bush team were in the oil business including the man that was installed as the head of the former occupied Afghanistan Hamid Karazai who was reported by the media to be a former consultant for the Union Oil Company of California since 2001 and although the claims were denied by both parties yet the debate of his affiliation remains.

I am not saying fanatics don’t pose a threat I am not saying extremist shouldn’t be hunted I am just saying Leaders of the free world should tread carefully when they apply the end justify means or they approach the greater good solutions and they should always have in mind that breaking rules bending rules installing new rules that contradict what they stand for will always backfire and would put them in the same side as the people they are fighting wars shouldn’t be waged in the name of freedom and democracy a good change that will forever last comes from within and making rules invading an individual’s privacy does only mean we are all guilty until proven innocent.